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Event Technology

Building A Best-In-Class Hybrid Event Technology

Posted April 23, 2021 By Convene

After months of strictly virtual meetings and events, planners and organizers have begun to offer in-person components to their upcoming events, in addition to their virtual programming.

This emergence of hybrid events has been adopted by global companies, and we believe this blended event format will continue being a vital asset to the events space in perpetuity, if not the norm. This is because hybrid events have the power to reach and impact a broader audience, with fewer barriers and more flexibility than ever before.

Follow along as we break down our product team’s learnings from the ongoing development of our virtual and hybrid technology. We’ll peel back the layers on what is a hybrid event, explain the main components to consider when creating a successful hybrid event of your own, and how to become a true hybrid expert yourself using Convene’s Virtual Meetings Platform.


What makes up a Hybrid Event?

You might not have known it, but you’ve probably experienced hybrid events before in some shape or form. The presidential debates, the NFL draft, or your favorite late-night shows – they’re all hybrid! In short, hybrid events have functional aspects that determine the quality of the event as well as key considerations that determine the audience experience, whether they’re in-person or virtual.

Hybrid components include:

  1. SPACE: You will need a physical venue to host your event for your in-person audience and speakers
  2. PRODUCTION: High-quality lighting, cameras, and microphones are essential to execute a great hybrid event
  3. STREAM: A live feed needs to be directed by a production team through a control room or AV equipment
  4. PLATFORM: You will need a virtual space where your feed can be hosted live

Hybrid considerations include:

  1. REGISTRATION: How does a person register to be in-person versus virtual?
  2. NETWORKING: How do in-person and virtual audiences communicate with each other?
  3. BREAKOUTS: How do smaller groups interact with one another in-person versus virtually?
  4. MAIN STAGE: What are the key differences between an in-person and a virtual audience experience with the mainstage?
  5. ENGAGEMENT: How do we foster engagement and prevent limitations between in-person and virtual participants, whether they’re on their mobile phones or laptop?
  6. SPEAKERS: Will you blend in-person and remote speakers for the event? How can you show your virtual speakers on the physical space as well as onto the virtual platform?

Becoming True Hybrid Experts

Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into how Convene tests, prototypes, and innovates Hybrid technology to up the industry standard, with experiments:

  •       When it comes to the space component, meeting rooms are being upgraded to accommodate improved camera lighting, and our curation team is developing set designs to better style events.
  •       For the production component, our AV and Technology teams are researching the best equipment available to deliver high-quality content.
  •       For the streaming component, we are looking to adopt a new version of our control rooms to consolidate necessary equipment into a single desk, so we can power any room to easily be hybrid.
  •       For the platform component, our product managers and engineers are working to improve our mobile user experience so that in-person attendees can engage with both the platform and other virtual attendees.
  •       We focus on hybrid considerations to ensure that our entire team is expertly versed in hybrid meetings, from our seasoned production crew, in-house engineering team, hospitality team to our Virtual Event Managers. We constantly prototype and test our own internal hybrid town halls to experience them first-hand, allowing us to find gaps in our products, illuminate opportunities for true hybrid innovation, and build our expertise.

Hospitality is the heart of Convene, and over the past 10 years, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of excellence, design, and innovation to make events truly unique. Today, we’re taking Hybrid events to the next level, and can’t wait for you to take your upcoming event into this new and exciting dimension.


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