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Event Technology

Ensuring A Secure & Private Virtual Event Experience

Posted March 5, 2021 By Convene

At Convene, safety and security are deeply rooted within our core values.

We take the opportunity to support your events very seriously, and as a result, we’ve built a secure and private virtual event experience that provides a high level of protection. Was it difficult to create? You bet. Is it complicated? It can be for some. But our unwavering desire to deliver premier services also extends to the security of our clients’ data. As so many planners are taking their event strategies virtual, it’s imperative that they understand the specifics of their platform’s security features. That’s why we’ve laid out a framework for our security systems below, which highlights the features that make our offering best-in-class. Take a look:

We Don’t Share or Store Customer Data

  • We work closely with our customers and encourage them to request only as much Personal Identifiable Information (PII) as is required during registration. We have a strong data privacy policy and maintain strict controls over access to this customer data.
  • We remove all customer PII data once our contractual agreement ends. Our “Share-Nothing” backend architecture ensures your event’s data stays completely separate from all of our other programs, ensuring it’s not only safe, but easy to identity and remove at any time.

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Your Data is Encrypted from End-to-EndNo Double Dipping

  • We are not a multi-tenant service, which means that we secure our customer’s events from one another without sharing any resources between them. To maintain the greatest level of security possible, we encrypt our customers’ data from the site’s front page until it is securely “at rest” on our servers.
  • To do so, we use a technique called encryption-at-rest to ensure that the data we store isn’t readable in any manner, even if someone breaches one of our servers.
  • With segmentation baked in at a basic networking level, the design for our virtual Control Rooms follows the same “security in design” methodology as our virtual platform.
  • Virtual control rooms are physically secured with card credentialing systems that ensure only authorized parties can access the infrastructure running your meeting. From digital to physical, we employ similar practices across the board to safeguard the security of your event.

How We Keep Unwanted Intruders Out

  • “To protect our customer event sites against unwelcome trespassers, we secure them with a strong perimeter of enterprise-grade firewalls. This helps secure customer data and ensure proper segmentation”.
  • As a sizable piece of software, the event site can serve as a big target for potential threats if unprotected. That’s why we use a firewall known as a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to continuously scan for potential threats such as the hijacking of pages, addition of malicious code, poorly written code, faulty security practices, and many more potential hazards.

Actively Committed to Our Safeguards

  • We perform tests with a third-party auditor on an ongoing basis to help ensure the security of our application. We also do a full automated penetration testing using third-party tools.
  • Additionally, we scan each new feature for vulnerabilities. So, from the time code is written to the moment a feature is released, we’re continually searching for improvements to ensure that we’re providing the highest level of security possible.
  • It’s best for us not to publicly disclose the security software we use as it could open us up to potential security threats. If you are interested in our architectural details, we are happy to set up some one-on-one time to discuss further.

In short, we ensure that security is as much of a priority for us as the design and technology that define our brand.

The safety of your information is at the forefront of our focus—even if you can’t see what is going on behind the scenes. Customers can have peace of mind that their data is protected with any of our platforms. Like every day at Convene, we’re challenging our competition by living up to the idea that every Convene experience is yours, not ours or anyone else’s.


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