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Event Technology

Hybrid Event Set-Options

Posted June 25, 2021 By Convene

In addition to program details, registration, and everything in between, we know meeting and event planners spend countless hours carefully considering the set design that both speakers and attendees will enjoy on event day.

Fortunately, as hybrid events become widely adopted, our hybrid events offer features award winning interior designs,  and state of the art AV technology, so planners can take set design off of their to-do list.

Each hybrid event is offered one of four different set-options, specially designed by our interior design teams. These sets reflect broadcasting standards used on daily news, late night shows, and live streamed events. They range from casual to more formal look and feel, all staged to accommodate cameras and lighting. Each format is also paired with recommended production templates to further foster thoughtful and engaging virtual experiences for all parties involved.


Let’s take a closer look at each design and references of how the layouts are commonly utilized by entertainers and presenters on a regular basis.

Get Together

First up, our stool arrangement is designed with versatility in mind, and can be either casual or formal, depending on your needs. Here, the speakers are able to sit up-right comfortably and are able to turn their bodies more freely to replicate on-stage conversational energy of more formal panels, or casual banter of friends catching up over coffee. This set can typically accommodate three to four speakers in a single frame.



Debates and other formal presentations often utilize lecterns to anchor speakers, that allow speakers to turn to each other, rely on their hand gestures, and still have a place for their notes. This set is perfect for sessions where speakers are expected to stand in a fixed position for a period of time, accommodating up to two speakers. We recommend this studio layout for formal announcements, debates, or informational sessions.



For a more intimate or casual setting, we offer the lounge studio layout. Talk shows utilize this set in order to offer their audience a more inviting and relaxed experience. With the lounge studio, speakers engage in a more relaxed environment, and guests are invited to witness and participate with a more familiar approach.



For larger groups, we offer the dining studio option. This set can be formal or information, and is designed to have multiple hosts or speakers discussing their perspective on a topic of interest. To maintain social distancing, we have designed the set to have independent tables for each speaker, and we aim to bring speakers back to one table as safety protocols allow.



Each Studio Set-Option takes into account the general spatial requirements cameras, lighting, and tech support. While this differs from event to event, in general planners can expect their sets to include:

  •         2 Cameras
  •         2 Monitors for Speaker Notes
  •         2 Set Lighting Kits
  •         Production Team In the Back to Monitor Feed

Additionally, we leave 6 feet of space in the back to allow for space to curate plants, art, and bookshelves all provided by Convene.

This set-up may vary slightly, but each space is sure to accommodate all aspects to hosting a hybrid event.


Here are some other considerations when is comes to determining the perfect set:

  • How long will the speaker be on screen? – You may want to consider a more comfortable set-option for hosts that are set to appear for longer periods of time.
  • Does your speaker need notes or have trouble seeing? – Though we provide a monitor to help, you and your speakers might be more comfortable with notes in hand, and/or a place to set them down.
  • How do you incorporate your brand? Consider what branded elements you’d like to integrate into your studio design. Would you like your brand present on the podium, coffee mugs, or a bucket of water bottles with a sponsors logo? Once you decide what elements are a must have, we can recommend which set design will be the best fit for your brand’s visibility purposes.

Useful Tips for Hybrid Panels

  • Speaker Dress Code: We suggest avoiding loud colors and patterns so that it’s not distracting. Coordinate with your speakers ahead of time to determine a pallet.
  • Set Options: Some sets can easily be moved in and out (the get-together and podium), in which case you may be able to have more than one set option for your upcoming event. Your dedicated event producer will help determine what set options are possible, and coordinate transitions, so the redesign doesn’t interrupt live steams or video recordings.
  • Where to Look: The tech producer will work with your speakers prior to the event through a run-of-show to demonstrate where the cameras will be, and how they should plan their line of sight. Additionally, they will help speakers become camera ready by including reminders and training that help with posture and positioning.

If you have any other questions about how our set options can help elevate your next hybrid event, be sure to always reach out to one of our expert virtual event managers. They are there to guide you through your options and accommodate your needs as best as possible.


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