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Increase Participant Engagement with Virtual Networking and Chat

Posted August 25, 2021 By Convene

Replicating in-person attendee engagement and interaction can be difficult to translate in virtual settings, and integrating it into a hybrid format, where attendees are both onsite and remote, is even more complex.

To add a human touch in a scalable way, our Virtual Delivery team upgraded our networking and chatting program.

Learn more about basic networking and chat features for virtual events, and how our technology helps planners produce more engaging events by enhancing guest interaction.

Networking & Chat For Virtual Events

  • Profiles. Each attendee in an event site gives some basic information when they register or log in, which may include first and last name, company, title, and more. Once logged in, attendees can update their profile information including a photo which can be most useful to help recognize each other.
  • Chat Widget. When enabled, this widget exists on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. At first, it just shows your name and if you’re set to online or offline, then when clicked it expands to show the Chat UI (User Interface). his feature works to connect with organizers, panelists, or other attendees.
  • Participants Tab. Every registered event attendee is shown with their profile information, whether they are currently online or not, and from here you can initiate a direct message with any other online attendee or view their profile by clicking on the profile photo. Sponsor Sales Representatives also get a special shout-out on the agenda and sponsor module which attendees can use to open a direct message with the rep right away. If enabled, there is also a group chat feature where users registered for a particular agenda item can chat with each other during its allotted time frame.

How GetStream Improves The Messaging Experience

Convene Studio leverages a platform called GetStream which offers and premium and scalable solution that upgrades the direct messaging experience with a number of interactive features, including:

  • Delivery and read receipts. Know when your message has been successfully sent, and when the person you’re chatting with has read your message.
  • Live typing. See if the person you’re interacting with is actively responding to you.
  • Emojis. Supplement your messages by pairing them with expressive emoticons.
  • Create new threads. Easily and flexibly create new chats or groups
  • Edit or delete messages. Made a mistake? Now you can go back and edit or delete messages for clarity or correction
  •  Highlight messages. Make messages stand out by highlighting them for easy flagging.
  • Upload files. Easily share photos or videos by dragging them into the chat.

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Our Vision for GetStream and Convene Studio

GetStream is a stepping stone towards a much grander vision for our platform’s utilization of attendee engagement. More changes to the chat system are coming in the near future, to support seamless and effortless messaging. These will include an updated design, Q&A and Poll moderation controls, and a seamless integration with our session player for breakout rooms.

We understand how important chat and attendee engagement is for producing memorable virtual and hybrid events, so we’re investing in our technology infrastructure to bring you the tools you need and more. At Convene, we thrive on change, and we’re constantly upgrading our platform to bring you the best tools in event planning available. We’re excited to continue to build out our platform, and look forward to helping our clients increase engagement with these tools.

To learn more about virtual or hybrid events, visit studio.convene.com to reach out to us to book a demo.


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